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At Northern Oilfield Services, we understand that industry relies on a certain "social license" to operate. That's why we emphasize, in addition to environmental responsibility, building positive relationships with landowners, community members, and other companies. We've bolstered our social media presence over the last year to include Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube (Select the icons below to connect). These sites create an open dialogue with potential business partners, employees, and others in our community. Through social media, we regularly share updates, employment openings, and news articles. 


Facebook sharing has boosted the morale within our company by tapping into an interface many of our crew members use in their free time. Now, we can share the pride and appreciation we have in our employees with them, as well as their friends and families. Additionally, job seekers can find out about openings; community members and other companies can communicate directly with Northern Oilfield Services. "Like" us on Facebook for daily updates, photos, and more.


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LinkedIn is another resource we're using to meet new business partners and contacts working in the Williston Basin. We don't simply believe in hiring the best, but in working with the best too. After two decades of oilfield service in Montana & North Dakota, our list of business partners includes some of the largest leaseholders in the Bakken. We're looking to build our client portfolio. Follow our company page, or connect with Bart Horner (President/Owner) & Jill Tommerup (Director-Finance & Strategic Management).


Northern Oilfield Services is on YouTube! You can watch our latest marketing video, candid shots from out in the field with members of our crew, testimonials, interviews, plugs for some of the businesses we rely on, and other fun videos recorded in the oil patch. Nothing beats the up close and personal look at a day in the life of Northern Oilfield Services. We'll be adding new content, so be sure to subscribe for updates on the latest uploads.